A Guide to Understanding Your Autistic Child

Guia para entender seu filho autista (inglês)

Autistic Science Person

About a week ago, I wrote a very long twitter thread directed at parents of autistic kid, and am now putting it in blog form for easy access.

Here are the most common questions I see from parents of autistic kids, answered in this blog post. If you have other questions you’d like answered, feel free to put them in the comments.

Question 1

Why does my child get so angry suddenly? Why do they not want to do X task?
Why do they get upset when I ask them to do anything?

Answer: Many parents interpret autistic kid’s anxiety as anger. When we “sound angry” we are usually in distress. We may already be stressed before you even notice at all. We may be under stress of a loud/bright/smelly sensory environment that neurotypicals don’t detect. We may be stressed due to the…

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